Over the years, Eastern Companies has grown from its roots as a self-performing roofing contractor to a conglomerate of subsidiaries that is equipped to meet virtually any construction need. With the talents of our diverse, intensely driven team of professionals, Eastern Companies continues to grow and achieve new heights.

Our story is about the outstanding results that come from hard work, bold vision, and perseverance. We approach each project with a single-minded focus to fulfill our commitment and exceed expectations. “Together, we make it happen.”


SK Battery Commerce, GA

Stepping Stone

Capitalizing on years of hard work and success, Eastern secured and completed the game-changing $200M program for the SKBA battery facility in Georgia as a general contractor. This opportunity established Eastern’s ability to advance from a reputable commercial enclosure contractor to a full-service general contractor.

Eastern Glass and Aluminum/EGA

Evolving from a metal roofing company that began almost 25 years ago to being a sought-after specialist in building envelope systems, EGA is the go-to contractor for countless clients and contractor partners. With vast experience gained from our portfolio of completed projects, we deliver comprehensive envelope design assistance such as waterproofing, roofing, wall panels, and glass/glazing systems.


Eastern Contractors Corporation

Eastern Contractors Corporation focuses on industrial building throughout the Southeastern United States and wherever our clients or partners take us. Having installed roofing and metal panels for many industrial and commercial clients, the 2018 expansion of Hyundai in Montgomery, AL allowed Eastern to showcase its full industrial contracting capabilities. Next, we successfully executed the $200M for SK Battery project in Commerce, GA as general contractor.


iugis Construction Corporation

Seeking continued growth and diversification, it was time to expand beyond industrial clients. As a result, Peter’s next move was to seek opportunities in commercial construction. The commercial business unit was created and called iugis, meaning dependable, sure, and trustworthy. iugis focuses on the commercial and institutional side of the construction business such as education, healthcare, housing, hospitality, and more.


Eastern Power Solutions

Recognizing and anticipating the ever-growing renewable energy market, Eastern Companies created Eastern Power Solutions to meet the demand of the renewable clean energy market. EPS is devoted to helping its clients “go green” by developing and maintaining successful utility-grade solar projects located in various environmental terrains, while ensuring control over safety, quality, timeliness, and productivity. Experienced in solar power generation, EPS is making significant headway in the renewable energy markets.

Our Core Values

Hard Work:

We believe this value is taught and trainable. This value is a must with all employees to keep up with the pace we move, to keep our promises to our customer, and the growth of Eastern Companies. We have a performance culture that values hard work. This work ethic is baked into our company by our founders.

Bold Vision:

Our direction is more than mere growth of our company. It’s leaving a legacy for the next generation to do bigger and greater things. To achieve this vision, a work hard culture of our employees and perseverance by the leadership is a must.


“Together, we make it happen” is an acknowledgement of our bold vision. Without the leaderships willingness to move forward and persevere through any challenges and obstacles, we will not be able to make it happen. This commitment by our founders and leaders provide direction and motivates our employees to commit to work hard culture.


Our Principles


We bring diverse experience and creative solutions to commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities with specialists in most building types and delivery models. Our experienced professionals bring their vast knowledge to the table, which helps set projects up for success, accurately tracks progress, and implements adjustments when necessary to achieve our clients’ goals.


Not just managers…we are builders! Now more than ever, speed to market and delivering our client’s anticipated return is paramount. With roots as one of the nation’s leading enclosure contractors, achieving building enclosure with interiors underway is the key to controlling cost and schedule. Our enclosure self-performance capabilities allow unique control that none of our competitors can match.


With our intense commitment to resource diversity and control of construction, you have the right formula for project success. The process of delivering a construction project is not easy, but with an attitude that despite uncontrollable or unforeseen challenges, we wholeheartedly embody our belief, that together, we make it happen.

We look forward to supporting your building program needs.